Your potentials are the inherent qualities God deposited in you; that you can develop and use to make impact in your generation. Our purpose is unique. No other person can fulfill your purpose except you. I have discovered that no two writers can write in the same ways. Likewise, no two singers can sing in the same way. God gives different level of inspiration to each and everyone of us. Your potential may be your natural talent, academic ability, business acumen, ministerial ethics, or marital principles. Every one of us is endowed with a lot of potentials but for us to make use of it, we must activate it. You may have the talent for singing, crafting, writing, dancing, acting (drama), comedy; or you are good in law, medicine, engineering, science, social science, nursing, art or business studies and administration; whatever gift you have, try to develop and activate it. No talent or potential is insignificant. It is not everybody that knows how to dance or teach or play football. Concentrate on the one you know how to do best, and it will take you to the summit. Pastor Christ said, “Everyone is a giant; either an active giant or a sleeping giant.”  For the next five months, I am going to be motivating and inspiring you on the twenty six (26) principles to activate your potential.


Dr. Myles Munroe said, “Your potential is determined by the assignment God gave you to do. Whatever you were born to do, you are equipped to do it.”  Aspiration gives birth to inspiration that eliminates expiration. Benson Idahosa declared, “Ambition is the will of God.” It must be a positive ambition to be approved by God.  What you don’t aspire, you can never acquire. To discover and release your potential, you must aspire for it. To give talent, is the duty of God; but to discover and develop it, is the duty of man. Robert Collier said, “You can be anything you want to be, having anything you desire, accomplish anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold-on to that desire with singleness of purpose.”  “Living a life without a dream is like entering a car without a destination,” said David Ibiyeomi. When you aspire in your area of calling, you can never expire before your time.


  1. B. Joshua advised, “Don’t let situations to determine your Christian life; reset your belief.” The Holy Book says, “Everything is possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23). To believe is to be convinced. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome noted, “Your conviction will fly you on an eagle’s wing.” For you to discover your talent and release your potential, you must believe it. We are living in a generation where people want to see result before they believe in you. The true dreamers don’t work that way; they see the mental picture of their future in their mind before they transform it into reality. Peter Okonkwo advised, “Your situation and circumstances may change but don’t let your believe system to change.” Sam Adeyemi remarked, “You don’t know before you believe, you believe before you know.”  “Be certain about what you believe and consistent in what you say.  Don’t try to please everyone or agree with everything people say” (Sirach 5:9-10). If you can believe it, you will achieve it.



It takes serious commitment to release your potential. Through commitment, John Wycliffe translated the bible into English. By the virtue of commitment, George Muller read through the Holy bible from Genesis to Revelation for over 200 times. Show me what you are committed to and I will tell you what you are going to become in the nearest future. Any goal you don’t write down, you can never achieve it. To release your potential, you must write down what you want to accomplish in your life time and continue to pursue it.  Rev. Fr. David Mario Dibie noted, “It takes commitment to form a committee; if you are sharing your vision with somebody, you are forming a committee.”  It takes a team to be truly committed in your journey to success in life. If you underestimate commitment, you can never achieve your potentials. The simple formula for success is:  Commitment + talent = talent plus.


 Ifeanyi A. C. Eze declared, “It takes a rugged attitude to locate your altitude in life.” Until you pass through pressure, you can never become a treasure. Bishop Nicholas Duncan William said, “A great man or woman is known by the amount of pressure it takes to discourage him.” Determination is the power to hold-on in your pursuit in life, despite the challenges that confronts you. Pastor Chris Okotie observed, “The trial is nothing to you if you can see the end of that project. You discouraged because you don’t see the end.” To discover your talent, you must be determined. People may not believe in you at the initial stage but you just have to persist until you achieve positive result. Richard Nixon said, “A man is not finished when he is defeated but he is finished when he quits.”  Sometimes, defeat may lead to depression but Bishop Simeon Okah noted, “Depression is not a frustration but a sign that where you suppose to be you are not yet there.” If you determined, you cannot be deter on your race to the next level. Talent may be God-given but it requires your personal effort to develop and activate it.


Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo said, “The measure of a man is not what he says of himself but in the quality of his production.” There is great enthusiasm that emanates from your inside when you engage in the pursuit of your natural potential. It takes a great enthusiasm to release a great potential. As grease is to the axle of a car, so also enthusiasm is to the talent and potential of a man. Rev. Fr. Stephen Uche Njoku affirmed, “Gifted, talented, charismatic, excellent, noble-minded, intelligent, good, holy, spiritual; you are more vulnerable to evil attack and temptation than others. Watch”! Enthusiasm is synonymous with passion. Mike Murdock remarked, “Whoever trivializes your passion is an enemy to your dream.” When you are enthusiastic in the activation of your potential, you cannot be weighed down by any challenges. To succeed, don’t pursue a career that drains your passion and enthusiasm.

Note:  By God’s grace, we shall continue from principle number six in the following month.

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