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Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka noted, “To maintain your visionary lifestyle, you must be prayerful, holy and study God’s word.”  The scripture says, “There is a spirit in man but the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding” (Job 32:8). In discovering and releasing your potential, you cannot receive the inspiration of the almighty unless you are virtuous. Rev. Fr. Chigozie stated, “If you really fear God, there must be restriction.”  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Rev. Fr. Francis Obaweki said, “To desist from sin is the beginning of wholesomeness.” Therefore, you need to be sound morally to be able to release your potential.  Dr. Joshua Talena affirmed, “Principled people are faithful people.” “Whatever qualities your friends have – whether good or bad, will eventually affect you. Spend time with excellent people”, declared Joel Osteen.   Rev. Fr. Amos Abhulimen noted, “It is only sin that brings separation between you and God.”


Apostle Johnson Suleman said, “Wisdom is not the vice principal but the principal thing.” To discover and release your potential, you need divine wisdom. Talent without wisdom cannot make positive impact. It is only God that gives knowledge of witty invention. Talent needs to be released at the right time. If you release your potential at the wrong time, people may not show interest. Paula White advised, “Don’t take a permanent decision in a temporal situation.”  Someone’s negative words cannot hurt you unless you give it a negative meaning. To release your potential, you must not bear grudges. “The high-minded man does not bear grudges; for it in not the mark of a great soul to remember injury but to forget them.”

X = X-RAY:

Dr. Daniel Olukoya said, “Inside the ridiculous lies the miraculous.” To discover and release your potential, you must x-ray what works and what doesn’t work and concentrate on what yields positive result. You are the only one that will cheat yourself out of maximizing your potential. For you to go far in destiny, you must not sacrifice a major thing at the expense of a minor one. Endeavour to discover your inherent trait and develop it. Until you x-tray your talent, you cannot explore it. To maximize your potentials, you must also x-tray your circle of friendship. Apostle Johnson Suleman declared, “Who you follow, determines what follows you.”  Joel Osteen noted, “You need eagles in your life, people that inspire you, that challenge you, that make you better.”


  1. D. Jakes said, “People don’t achieve greatness because they have too much tradition to transition.” The level of your yearning determines the magnitude of your earning. To discover your talent and release your potential, you must know your inner trait and pursue it with all your might. Talent never developed on their own unless you have a burning desire to pursue it. A song writer observed, “No matter how joyful life may be, it must have its tempting hour.” No matter what you are passing through, be optimistic and be expectant.


Dr.Mike Murdock said, “Whoever that trivializes your passion is an enemy to your dream.”  It takes zealousness to activate great talent. Lethargic people lack inner motivation to activate their talent and release their potential.  Newton’s third law of motion states that: “To every action, there is always equal and opposite reaction.”  The actions you take determine the result you achieve. “Go to where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated,” advised Dr. Mike Murdock.

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