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Pastor E. A. Adeboye said, “God is not a talkative.” Great men are people of solitude. They derive their strength during quiet time. Bimbo Odukoya remarked, “Public values are reflections of private values.” Your input in the private, determines your output in the public. David Oyedepo wrote, “You need quietness to enjoy divine direction; not just a quiet outer environment but much more, a quiet spirit.” For you to discover your talent and release your potential, you must form the habit of keeping quiet time. Rev. Fr. David Mario Dibie advised, “Stay away from crowd; enjoy solitude, enjoy solace and you will see yourself achieving great things in life.” It was   Edward Gibson that said, “Conversation enriches the understanding but solitude is the school of genius.”  It is during quiet time that you can fathom your real purpose in life.  God did not reveal himself to Moses in the earthquake but He disclosed Himself to him in a still small voice. God demystifies the scripture in solitude.  David Abioye declared, “The deeper you go in knowing God’s word, the higher you fly in your journey in life”


Joshua Awesome said, “The safest way to predict your future is to create it.” Being afraid to take risk is the greatest form of risk. A lot of people are afraid to activate their dream because they don’t want to fail. Obafemi Awolowo said, “Man is great not because he never fall but rises after so many falls.”  The scripture laid credence to this when it says, “A righteous man may fall seven times but rises again.” Discovering your talent and releasing your potential involve risk. If you are not tough-minded, you cannot embark on a talent adventure. Donald Trump was talented in real estate business. As far as The United States of America is concerned, he was among the best. He made billions of dollars from the business but in the 1990s, when the market crashed, he almost declared bankrupt but because he was tough-minded, he refused to quit. Because of his guts, he was able to bounce back. Robert Schuller said, “Every loser who tries to do something great is really a winner.” “Some setbacks are meant for a major comeback” – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.


Rev. Fr. Victor Mordi said, “We must pass through some tests before we can see the glory.” At 96, a young presenter asked Pablo Casals, “Why do you still practice 6 hours daily?” He replied, “Because I am making progress.” It takes a great sacrifice to activate a great potential. Nothing good comes easy. Rev. Fr. Mario Ozele remarked, “For you to change your situation, you must change your thinking.” The price you paid determines the prize you receive. Great sacrifice precedes the discovery and release of great potential.  W. F. Kumuyi said, “No man ever fails until he fails on the inside.” Joyce Meyer remarked, “People who are called to greatness meet great challenges.”


Rev. Fr. Michael Airohubie said, “If your talent is going to make an impact, you must work and develop it.” In the law of talent, if there is no training, there will be no reigning. You may have a great potential but if you don’t discover and develop it, you cannot make a mark in your generation.  For you to release your potential, you must undergo training. Talent + Training = Talent plus. Every great author and inventor undergoes training and positive thinking. That is how Paul Fischer invented pen; that is the way Jerry Yang became the founder of YAHOO; and that is the way Larry page and Sergey Brin became the founder of GOOGLE. Training is the safes road to perfection. Peter Obi said, “You don’t have a monopoly of idea; if you have, then you are God.”


 A wise man said, “Understanding does not come by imagination, it comes by impartation.”  In his book The Law of Impact, Obi narrated a story about a man that saw the inscription PC on the sky. He thought the meaning of PC was to preach Christ. For so many years, he was trying to do some skeletal work in ministry but he could not make any impact. Few years later, the price of corn was sky-rocketed. That was when he knew the meaning of PC Plant Corn. Bimbo Odukoya said, “Understanding makes all the difference.” To discover and release your potential, you must understand it. Pastor E. A. Adeboye advised, “Whenever something happens to you that you don’t understand, please, don’t query God.” It takes proper understanding to achieve outstanding result in every endevours of life.


Concerning what people are writing on the internet about Abraham Osemudiamhen Ogun, some of them are not true. After all, who am I? I am just a pencil in the hand of the Almighty God. Maybe I am fortunate to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to write, sing and motivate.  Upon all that, it is only God that deserves the glory. I don’t know anything; I am just a reflection of God’s divine wisdom. All glory and honour be unto God for ever and ever – Amen.

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