I was discussing with somebody sometime ago that if I were to start University all over again, I wouldn’t go for Microbiology but I would go for English or philosophy or Literature in English.  I am good in Microbiology but I am passionate in literary work, philosophy and writing. I am at my best when I am with pen and paper. Different people are gifted in different areas. There are some people that have natural instinct for law, medicine, accounting, engineering and other social science courses.

The first step to achieve greatness in life is to discover your area of natural flair and focus on it. I have seen some professional personnel that cannot stand before a crowd and give five minutes speech.  It surprises me how they manage to win their lawsuit in the jury. At times, I wondered, “Have they studied law because of prestige or they actually want to make impact?” A wise man said,” Impression without expression leads to depression.”  If you want to go far in life, you must choose a course or profession that is suitable to your kind of personality. This is applicable to those that engage in apprenticeship work. You must choose a work that you have the natural ability to perform. We are all gifted in different areas of our lives. If you focus on your area of giftedness and develop it, you will shine in your generation.  The major problem we have in this twenty first century is that parents want their children to study the course they feel is good for them. It does not work that way. You may force a horse to the pool of water but you can never force him to drink water. In searching for course to study, prestige or lucrative nature should not be the top priority. Passion should be the utmost priority.  You succeed in your area of passion.  Hamilton Moses (the 3rd) came from a family of legal professionals. His great grand father was a high court Judge from Harvard University.  His immediate father was a high court Judge from Harvard. They expected Moses to study law from Harvard University but he disappointed them. The guy was passionate in medicine. He actually went to study in Harvard University but instead of law, he studied medicine. His father got annoyed with his act of insubordination. Few years down the line, he became one of the best physicians in his metropolis. He was sincere to himself and followed his instinct. I have seen a lot of medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, pharmacists and architects who are now pastors, evangelist or involve in other areas that are different from what they studied in school.  You’ve got to discover your calling and pursue it. Myles Munroe noted, “A man’s gift, not a man’s education that makes way for him.” Decision in life is personal; if you do what others do, wherever they end, you will end there. (Excerpt from CHAMPION’S MANUAL).

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