Listen to this story of a lady called Sheila, who was in her 20s. When she was 4 years old, she lost both of her hands in a train accident that killed her mother with whom she was travelling with. In her tender age, she saw her friends going to school and write and draw with their note books. She began to imitate them, since she did not have hands, she has to first practice how to work with pencil by using her toes. When her father saw her commitment, he got her admitted in their local primary school. She eventually gained admission into higher institution to study fine arts. After her degree program, she took a decision to take up a painting career at the national Art Centre – Excerpt from Dr. George Kaitholil.

What is your situation? Let’s reason together; all hope is not lost. Sometimes in life, things may actually be very difficult but that does not mean we should give up. After rain, there must always be sunshine. When your situation is hopeless and you refuse to be hopeless, you can never give up. But when you lose hope, you quit. One of the things that keep your hope alive is belief. Samson Siasia advised, “In the game of life, there is only one rule: Believe in yourself, because nothing can stand on the way of someone who believes in himself.”

Whatever you are passing through in life, someone else is passing through it somewhere in the world. The difference between you and that person is attitude. Your negative situation does not hurt you unless you give it a negative meaning. A lot of people have passed through traumatic situations that would have taken their lives but they consoled themselves and refuse to give up. Your situation may not be the worst. No matter what we are passing through in life, all hope is not lost unless we become hopeless. Saint Goodness said, “If someone loses hope even God may not help him”. If we can pay attention to the story, very soon, we’ll see the glory (Excerpt from CHAMPION’S MANUAL).

WISDOM BANK: No matter what we are passing through in life, all hope is not lost unless we become hopeless – Robert H. Schuller

TEXT: Psalm 30:5
VOCABULARY: Traumatic (adj.) – upsetting, painful, disturbing
PRAYER POINT: Lord, give me the grace to overcome my challenges in life
AFFIRMATION: Nothing can limit my destiny; I must excel in life because I was created with God’s image and likeness. So help me God…
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