1. DREAM: For you to be great in life, you must have a dream. The dream I am talking about is not the one you have when your two eye are closed – though it may be part of it. The true dreamers dreamed with the eye of their mind. Tunde Bakare said, “The best dream comes to pass when you are awake.” The point I am trying to make here is that you must have a dream otherwise your life will become meaningless. A lot of people strive to acquire material things but after that, they become frustrated. Majority of people who commit suicide in America are not the less-privileged people but the well-to-do people who get bored and fed-up with life. Material things are good but they are not dream, rather they are fruits from a fulfilled dream. If you don’t have a dream, there is no miracle you can perform that can make you a great man or woman in your generation. Before Joseph became great, the first thing God did was to give him a dream (Genesis 37:5). The program of God over Abraham started with a vision (Genesis 12:1-3). If God does not interrupt your program in life and give you a dream, you may end up dissatisfied and unfulfilled because you don’t know what you are pursuing.

2. CHALLENGES: A lot of people want to become great but they don’t want to pass through challenges. Greatness is impossible if you refuse to pass through the road of challenges. John Aziah said, “Greatness is a school, temptations are the school fees. If you are not ready for temptation, then you can never be great in life.” We are living in fast food generation when people want everything to be done fast. You may be moving on a fast-lane but if God does not prepare you, He cannot use you. When you take a look at the life of Joseph, you will discover that the guy suffered but God was preparing him for his future assignment. Firstly, he was thrown into the pit by his siblings. Secondary, he became a slave in the house of Portiphar. Thirdly, he became a prisoner in the crime he did not commit. Finally, he became a leader in the palace of Pharaoh. Joseph went through these challenges for 13 years because of the dream he carried. In a football game, the defenders only attack the player with a football. People cannot challenge you if you don’t have a vision; they can only attack you if you have a dream. Joyce Meyer declared, “Those who are called to greatness meet great challenges.” The greater the dream you have, the greater the challenges.

3. DETERMINATION: Dr. Myles Munroe asked the question: “How bad do you want it?” If you decide to obtain something good and persist for a long time, God will show you how to get it. The problem is that most of us don’t wait for God to manifest his glory in our lives. Each time you have alternative, God cannot demonstrate his power because He does not want anybody to share his glory. You can never be great unless you have determination. Success cannot be achieved in a platter of gold. In 2nd Kings 2:1-13, Elisha determined to have a double portion of Elisha’s anointing and he got it. In Genesis 32: 24-29, Jacob made up his mind: “I will never let you go unless you bless me.” From that day, his story changed. Great people are people with great determination. You cannot obtain the prize unless you pay the price.

4. GRACE: “Grace” is a supernatural anointing deposited on someone by God; it is the unearned favour from God. For you to be great in life, you need an extraordinary grace from God. Your talent, gift, potentials and anointing are the grace God has given to you to make impact in your generation. I have observed that gifted people in the area of writing, dancing, singing, humoring (comedy), preaching, teaching, boxing and gifted footballers are doing best in their fields not because of the school they attended but because of the grace God put in them. The school they attended only helps them to polish the gift. If you place two businessmen together – one educated, the other uneducated, the difference will become very glaring. For you to be great, you must discover the grace of God upon your life and begin to use it. One thing I learned from my mentor – Ifeanyi Eze, is that you are not called to do everything but you are called to do a specific thing and that is where your grace lies. The day he discovered that his grace is in writing and speaking, he abandoned his shop to his siblings and focus on his grace. If you follow the direction of your grace, you can never end up in disgrace. May God help us!

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