In one of his video message, Sam Adeyemi narrated a story about a certain man that died and the villagers prepared the ground but because it was dark, they decided to embalm him till the following morning. Meanwhile, there was a drunkard that was passing through that road on that particular night, and all of a sudden, he fell into the grave. He struggled to get out of the grave but he could not. He decided to sleep there with the intention that when those that want to bury the dead man arrive the next day, they would pull him out before burying the dead man. He decided to hide inside the grave in a shadow casted by the moon. After about an hour, another man who got dunk was also passing through that road and he equally fell into the grave. He also struggled to get out of the grave but he could not. He did not know that there was someone in the grave because it was dark. When the first man saw that he struggled to get out but he could not, he wanted to touch him and told him to calm down till tomorrow morning, that you are not the only one here. But when the second man felt a hand on his shoulder, he thought it was a ghost and he jumped with his whole might and flew out of the grave and took to his heel.

Have you ever find yourself in a tight corner? If you have, then you will understand what I am talking about. What you cannot do in pleasure, you can do it when you are under pressure.  Colonel Sandal could not believe that he could become a millionaire by selling recipe for flying chicken until he lost his business capital and depend on social security for survival. Lucretia Church could not imaging herself being a positive impact to her generation until she found herself incarcerated behind the prison bar. Albert Einstein became a great scientist because his teacher disdained and looked down on him. Louisa May Alcott became a great writer because she was written off by his relatives. There are some things you think you cannot do until you find yourself in a critical situation.

Don’t ever tell someone that something can’t be done because God may be waiting for the first person that will wake up and solve the problem. The scripture says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Remember: God is a positive thinker; from darkness, he created light. Irrespective of the challenges you are facing right now, it is not over until you say it is over. It does not matter the situation you are passing through, people can only predict, you can only decide but it is God that have the final saying. If you are subjected to too much pressure, if possible rest but never quit. A wise man said, “You cannot become the person you are supposed to be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out from you.” Pressure can bring out the best in you. No gold is polished without friction. No matter the quantity of yeast you added to bread, it can never rise unless you subjected it into a pressure in an oven.  God have a way of turning pressure into treasure and enable you to live in pleasure. Never give up.

WISDOM BANK: God is a positive thinker; from darkness, he created light – Abraham Ogun

TEXT: Philippians 4:13

VOCABULARY: Predict (verb) – Foretell, forecast

PRAYER POINT:  Lord, strengthen me to follow the right process to my destiny; never permit me to take the shortcut.

AFFIRMATION: Nothing can limit my destiny; I must excel in life because I was created with God’s image and likeness… help me God.

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