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Choosing A Career


On a particular day in the year 2009, I was talking to a group of SS 3 students in where I was assigned to carry out National Youth Service Corp in Sokoto State. After doing the normal thing, I decided to find out whether they have a sense of direction. I actually wanted to know what they want to become in future. Some said they want to become a doctor, teacher, engineer, trader, policeman and businessman. Others make up their mind to become custom, scientist and educationist. At the end, I discovered that 80% of them don’t even know where they are going. They chose a particular career or profession based on what their fellow friends chosed.

For you to succeed in life, you must chose a career or course that best suits your kind of personality. You must have interest and passion in that area of your choice. At 27, I could look at my younger one and predict that he is going to be an electrical or mechanical engineer. Why? I was able to study him and know some of the things he attracted to. The father of Nelson Mandela could look at Nelson at a very tender age and said, “Due to his inclination, I could predict that he is going to be a public personnel, to secure and deliver his siblings.

When you know your direction in life and have a clear picture of where you are going, your means of getting there becomes easy. When you locate your right direction, you will see the need to be focused.

In the race of life, a lot of people travel opposite to the direction of their destiny. Be informed; no matter how fast you are in a wrong path, you can never get to your destination. A cripple who follows the right direction in life, will get to his destination before an able-body human who follows the wrong direction. Your shortest route to your promise land is “Right direction” do not fit into someone else path, follow your direction.

In Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company limited, we help the younger ones, teenagers and adults to choose a career that consistence with their personality and give them long term happiness and fulfillment.

Choosing a life partner

choosing a life partner

Your most qualify partner is not the one that is tall or short, dark or fair, slim or fat, rich or poor, educated or uneducated but the one that is best fit into your dream and vision in life. As a man, your vision must be big enough to accommodate your wife. When God created Eve, He made her a help mate to Adam. Until you discover yourself, you cannot discover your partner. You need to have a purpose before you make a move to choose a partner. Marriage is not just for sex and enjoyment but for destiny fulfillment.

 There are different kinds of materials in marriage. There are some ladies that are business materials, some political materials some ministry materials and some home materials. As a man, when God gives you a vision, you will know who to carry along. Not all ladies can help you to fulfill your dream. Likewise, ladies,  not all men can help you to fulfill your destiny. Know what you want and go for it.