There are different ways to travel to Lagos from the south: you can take a flight, you can enter a bus and you can also use a power bike. In any attempt to share the experience, the one that took a flight will not really have much to say but the one that took a bus can tell you how he navigated Benin-Ore express road, to Ijebu-Ode, to Shagamu and finally to Lagos. If there are listening audience, they may likely pay more attention to the one that enter a bus than the one that took a flight because he has more experience to share.

On your journey to the next level, your experience is a track record. Shortcut never take you to your destination, rather it takes you far from it.

A wise man said, “Never try to get out of your problem prematurely, otherwise you will not learn anything from it.” Your experience of today will be a stepping stone to your next level tomorrow. Even in the secular world, you don’t get employed in most Companies unless you have great working experience.

What you are going through right now may be a training in the sight of God. The longer it takes, the better it becomes. You don’t have a ministry until God gives you a message. You can only have a convincing message when you pass through life experiences.

David killed a lion before he proceeded to defeated Goliath. Joshua Selma noted, “Until you stand before the burning bush, you can never stand before Pharoah.”

Whatever you are going through, do not ignore the experience. Joseph portrayed discipline in the house of Potiphar and when he got to the throne, he never let God down. If God takes you to the throne the way you are right now, you may disappoint him. Let him continue with the pruning.

Remember: favour may take you to your palace but it is character that will keep you there. You can only grow character through experience. Therefore, in your life cycle, never take shortcut. Allow your egg to develop to larva, from larva to pupa before you finally emerge. For more information, contact me on:
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