DignityIn one of our NCCF state conference in Sokoto State, a pastor told us a story about a lady that sneaked out of NYSC camp and came to stand by the road side. A young boy came with a car, picked her up, took her to a hotel and slept with her. Two weeks after posting, she discovered that the boy was an SS 2 student in her place of primary assignment. What a shame!

Pastor Tunde Bakare declared, “If you don’t put a price on yourself, people will price you cheap.”  Ninety percent (90%) of ladies and guys, who maintain their moral standard at home, defile themselves when they get to higher institution. Ninety Eight (98%) of ladies and guys who maintain purity in Campus because of Campus fellowship, stain their garment during NYSC. The fact that somebody is your hostel mate or room mate does not mean he or she is your sex mate. What you will be doing after marriage till death do you apart, why must you start it with someone in the campus or NYSC? That everybody is doing it does not mean it is right. There is a popular saying that if you can’t beat them, you join them. No! If you can’t beat them, leave them and be on your own.

A wise man said, “The true test of people’s character is to know who they are when nobody is watching them.” You may pretend when you are around brethren but when you travel away from your priest or pastor, what personality do you portray? If you are away from your church environment, do you still maintain your character?  That is the ultimate test. As a pastor’s daughter or son, if you gain admission into tertiary institution, would you still maintain your purity? As an NYSC member, if you share a room with a guy or a lady because of accommodation problem, would you still maintain your self-control? If you are left alone with a million naira in a room, would you still maintain your integrity?  Apostle Johnson Suleman noted, “Integrity is the only currency you can use till death.” Until you place principle on yourself, God cannot reveal His principles of success to you. You may be tested by the devil but God will approve you eventually.

A believer is not somebody that maintains purity because someone is monitoring him or her but the one that keeps his or her faith whether someone is monitoring him or not. Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor stated, “If you are a Christian because people monitor you, then, you are not a Christian because in the darkest dark, there is an invisible eye (of God).” A Christian does not live a double lifestyle. A Christian may change a location but a location cannot change the lifestyle of a genuine believer. What you are ashamed to do in public, if you can do it in secret, then, you are a nominal Christian. You can never be valuable until you add value to your moral standard.



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