Be Persuaded


God does not need extraordinary people but He only needs ordinary people to do extraordinary thing.

George Foreman was a professional athlete who eventually became an entrepreneur. At a time, he was almost declared bankrupt, and that forced him to return back to boxing at mid forty. At the age of forty five, he succeeded
to regain his heavy weight title. That enabled him to properly launched into business as a great entrepreneur. He did not give up when things were going wrong and he became a success story.

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At the end of each year, a lot of people sit down and count their problems and challenges but they never count their blessings. If you don’t count your blessings, when things do not work out the way you expected, you take life for granted and feel sorry for yourself.

Do you have a major or minor testimony over the year? Hold on to that and appreciate God. May be you are not able to achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of this year; appreciate God because when there is life, there is hope.  Read the rest of this entry »



A story was narrated by Pastor E. A. Adeboye about a man and his family that won a visa lottery and travelled to the United States of America. Unfortunately, the visa lottery was canceled on their arrival to U.S.A. They went to the accommodation provided for them beforehand. Throughout that week, there was hunger strike in their home. The man could not bear the crying of his children and he decided to go to the library to read just to avoid the ugly situation at home. Immediately he left, his wife remembered what her pastor told them:  “If you try prayer and prayer didn’t work, try praise”.  In that moment, she picked her tambourine and began to sing and praise God. At that point, some evangelists in America preached to their apartment. After preaching, the woman said, “We don’t have anything at home, if we had, I would have offered you.”  To confirm her statement, the evangelist went to search the kitchen and opened their refrigerator but they could not find any soft drink or foodstuff. They inquired from the woman and she told them how they terminated their visa lottery on their arrival to America. The evangelists left and returned back within a short time with foodstuffs and loaded the woman’s refrigerator with all sources of food items. They equally gave the man and his wife a job offer in the United States of America. It was a misery but God turn it into a miracle.

A wise man said, “Prayers move mountain but praises move God.” When Paul and Silas praised God in the prison yard, the unexpected happened. Through worship and praises, three nations (Moab, Ammon and Mount Seir) bow before King Jehoshaphat (2nd Chronicles 20). No wonder Saint Augustine declared, “He who sings, prays twice.” It takes influence to have access into the office of a president but for you to have access into the throne of God, you must involve in worship and praises.

Benson Idahosa said, “When human beings disappoint you, God will appoint you.” In the journey of life, government may fail but God can never fail. For you to succeed in life, you must not base your destiny on human assurance but on divine backing. At the time of challenges, parallel relationship with human beings may fail but vertical relationship with God can never fail.

Remember: the eagles only gathered where there is carcass. Likewise, we can only experience the glory of God in the midst of worship and praises. Psalm 150:1-5 says:

“Praise you the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. Praise him with the sound of cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. Let everything that has breadth praise the lord. Praise ye the lord.”



In one of his video message, Sam Adeyemi narrated a story about a certain man that died and the villagers prepared the ground but because it was dark, they decided to embalm him till the following morning. Meanwhile, there was a drunkard that was passing through that road on that particular night, and all of a sudden, he fell into the grave. Read the rest of this entry »



1. DREAM: For you to be great in life, you must have a dream. The dream I am talking about is not the one you have when your two eye are closed – though it may be part of it. The true dreamers dreamed with the eye of their mind. Tunde Bakare said, “The best dream comes to pass when you are awake.” The point I am trying to make here is that you must have a dream otherwise your life will become meaningless. A lot of people strive to acquire material things but after that, they become frustrated. Majority of people who commit suicide in America are not the less-privileged people but the well-to-do people who get bored and fed-up with life. Material things are good but they are not dream, rather they are fruits from a fulfilled dream. If you don’t have a dream, there is no miracle you can perform that can make you a great man or woman in your generation. Read the rest of this entry »


a mans gift

Two persons that were naturally gifted in the bible were not that popular. Their names are Bezaleel and Aholiab. They were the genius that masterminded and orchestrated the covenant box, the tent, the lamp-stand of pure gold and the altar for burning incense (Exodus 31:1-11). They were extraordinarily endowed to reveal the creative nature of God.

Rev. Fr. J. J. Onolemhenmhen said, “Where is the creative nature of God in you? When God creates you, it means you should be creative.” In Daniel 1:17, God gave the four Hebrews children knowledge, skill in learning and wisdom. In addition, He also gave Daniel the gift for interpreting people’s dreams and visions. Right from the time of Noah, God has been giving the gift of creativity and invention to people. Noah invented and created the ark through the direction and inspiration from God. Read the rest of this entry »

Challenges as a Stepping Stone


In one of Joyce Meyer’s books, she told a story about a donkey that fell into a deep ditch. After much efforts to remove it but they could not, the owner concluded that the best solution was to bury the donkey in the ditch. Having realized that the donkey was aged, his colleagues decided to join him to bury the donkey since they could not get the donkey out of the ditch. As they throw a shovel full of dirt into the ditch, the donkey quickly shook it off and climb higher.  They kept trying to bury the donkey but the more they tried, the more the donkey shook it off and climb higher. Within a short time, the donkey used the heap of dirt as a stepping stone and matched out of the well.   Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination

On his first trip to the United States of America, as he came down from the aircraft (in the airport), Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa looked around, smiled to himself and said, “I was here before.” His entourage and those that came to received him requested, “Papa, when did you come to the United States of America before?” He replied, “In my imagination.”

Apostle Johnson Suleman remarked, “The greatest nation on earth is not Germany or UK or USA but the greatest nation is the nation of the mind and that is why it is called Imagination.” Read the rest of this entry »


divine assignment

Watchman Nee was in medical school when the Lord called him into the ministry. He was the best in his class but he never graduated. One day, he went to see his professor and told him that he is leaving school to pursue the assignment God created him to fulfill. The professor attempted to dissuade him from going into the ministry but all his effort failed. He could not convince the young boy.  At a point in his ministry, the professor came when he was passing through challenges, and said to him: “I told you never to leave but you didn’t listen. Now, look at how you ended.”  He did not bother about what the professor said.  After some years, he came across the poster of the obituary of the professor. At that time, his ministry began to boom and blossom. He looked at the poster as a great man of God and said, “So this is how you ended?” Read the rest of this entry »



In one of his books, Dr. Myles Munroe narrated a story on one of his trips to London. On a particular afternoon, he decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood park and he eventually wandered into an old cemetery. He decided to explore the historical nature of the tombstones and the grave markers. The tombstones were inscribed with people’s names, quotes, date of birth and the date of death. As he was moving from one grave to another, he came across a small grave – about three feet in length (of a 4-yrear-old child) with the quotes gone but not forgotten. On returning back to his lodge, he began to ponder on the life-span and the purpose of the people he explored in the memorial-park. Read the rest of this entry »