I was discussing with somebody sometime ago that if I were to start University all over again, I wouldn’t go for Microbiology but I would go for English or philosophy or Literature in English.  I am good in Microbiology but I am passionate in literary work, philosophy and writing. I am at my best when I am with pen and paper. Different people are gifted in different areas. There are some people that have natural instinct for law, medicine, accounting, engineering and other social science courses. Read the rest of this entry »



Listen to this story of a lady called Sheila, who was in her 20s. When she was 4 years old, she lost both of her hands in a train accident that killed her mother with whom she was travelling with. In her tender age, she saw her friends going to school and write and draw with their note books. She began to imitate them, since she did not have hands, she has to first practice how to work with pencil by using her toes. When her father saw her commitment, he got her admitted in their local primary school. She eventually gained admission into higher institution to study fine arts. After her degree program, she took a decision to take up a painting career at the national Art Centre – Excerpt from Dr. George Kaitholil. Read the rest of this entry »



Sam Adeyemi noted, “Things do not always work out the first time you try.” It is through experimentation that you gain experience. The scripture says, “He that endures to the end shall be saved” (Matthew 24:13). In other words, he that give-up shall be perished. Human beings are not created to be a quitter but to be a winner. Champions don’t bend to the challenges and difficulties of life.  We were created with the image and likeness of God; therefore, we have the power to conquer and dominate in every situation we encounter. Read the rest of this entry »



Years ago, a community was troubled with poor harvest. The community prayed and asked God to grant their petitions for one year. God agreed. When the community asked for rain, He sent rain. When they asked for sun, He sent sun. In that year, the corn did not grow taller and the wheat did not grow thickly. As the harvest time approached, joy turned to sadness when the farmers saw to their shock and dismay that the cornstalks had no corn, the wheat stalks produced no grain and the leafy fruited trees bore no fruit. The people prayed, “Oh God! You have failed us.” God replied, “Not so my children.  Read the rest of this entry »


The following are the dialogue between John and Eric as they sat down in a restaurant, sipping two bottles of Malta Guinea:

JOHN: My peers are gaining admission

My peers are graduating from higher institution

My peers are receiving promotion

My peers are travelling abroad

My peers are buying cars

ERIC: Oh! That is true: but also remember that:

Some of your peers are in hospital bed

Some of your peers are dead

Some of your peers are homeless

Some of your peers are incarcerated

Some of your peers are famished

THE CONCLUSION:  We should appreciate God in any situation we find ourselves while we are aspiring for a better life. Sir, it is not that you know how to do it or you are wise. You succeeded because it’s your time. “The most dangerous person on earth is the one whose time has come” – Natty.  Spiritually, physically, materially and otherwise, you may not be where you aspire to be but you are not in where you used to be. God is taking each and every one of us to somewhere in life; but it is a process.  By His grace, we shall get there very soon. Don’t be anxious and envious of others. It was Benson Idahosa that said, “Anxiety and anxiousness is a sign that God is not with you.” Destiny is personal, not competition.



I remember reading a book about a renowned preacher from the country of Bahamas that was living among the white. One day, the white people rejected him because he has a dark skin. Then, he was just a teenager. He cried and went to report to his parent. His parent disagreed with the opinion of white people and assured him that he would become great in life. He believed his parent’s opinion. Few years after, he became a great inspirational preacher.

(1.) Belief in God: People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be. To succeed in life, you must believe in God. If God says you are going to be great in life, don’t listen to the negative opinion of those around you. Hold on to the word of God and at the appointed time, your destiny will manifest. The scripture says, “If the foundation is destroyed, what could the righteous do?” The righteous may not do anything but God can do something. God specializes in impossible situations. Ralph Waldo Emerson Said, “They conquer who believe they can.”

(2.) Parental belief: Parents should learn how to build their children’s self-esteem rather than destroying it. It is a popular saying that charity begins at home. Decency, self-esteem, moral principles, spiritual values, good behavior and character also begin at home. Dr. Ben Carson became the greatest neurosurgeon in the world because he believed in the positive advice his parent gave to him. Although he came from a broken home, his parent did not allow that to affect his mentality. When you believe in your parent’s opinion about your life, you become transparent in your generation.

(3.) Personal belief: Samson Siasia said, “In the game of life, there is only one rule: believe in yourself because nothing can stand on the way of a man who believes in himself.” To fulfill your destiny, you must believe in yourself. Don’t pay attention to the negative things people say about you; they are not your God. The scripture says: You are created with the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). Don’t use your past life to judge your future. Psalm 139:14 declares, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are created by God to fulfill a definite purpose. Don’t look down on yourself. You have ability to fulfill your destiny. Whether you are short or tall, fat or slim, dark or fair, just believe in yourself and you will do great things in life. According to Mark 9: 23: “Everything is possible to him that believes.” Just believe and God will do the rest at the appointed time.

WISDOM BANK: In the game of life, there is only one rule: believe in yourself because nothing can stand on the way of a man who believes in himself
TEXT: John 2:3-11

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created for impact

created for impact

You are the best person God has ever created. Have you ever thought of it? You are a unique person on the surface of the earth. No other person has the same fingerprint with you. Your abilities and capabilities are different from other people. That means God created you to fulfill a definite purpose and it is that purpose that will bring you to limelight and fulfillment. Success is not about becoming a particular professional but it is all about discovering the assignment God created you to accomplish on earth and to finish it. Jeremiah was created to be a prophet. St. Paul was created to be a preacher. Moses was created to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. John the Baptist was created to prepare the way for Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »



Right Direction

In his book, Zig Ziglar narrated a story about a young man that was traveling from a city into a village. At a time, he discovered that he could not locate his direction. Then, he called one of the villagers and said, “Please, I need your help; am lost.” The villager asked, “Do you know where you are?” He replied, “Sure, I saw it on the signboard as I drove into the village.” The villager requested, “Do you know where you are going?” He answered, “Yes, I know my destination.” The villager concluded: “You have not lost; you only need a direction.” Read the rest of this entry »



(1.) Cybercrime And Facebook Impersonation: “It is not good to copy people; if you copy people, you stop being an original” – Dr. Daniel Olukoya. There are so many photocopies on social media that like to imitate and copy what others are doing.  Through facebook, twitter, what’s app and 2go, a lot of young people connect to strangers they don’t know. Unfortunately, 60% of what people see on social media is not true. Read the rest of this entry »



A young man went to a great man of God and requested, “Sir, please, tell me about my future.” The man of God asked, “Are you born again?” The young man replied, “No.” The man of God exclaimed, “Ah….! Your future is blink,” He continued, “The bible says: say unto the righteous it shall be well with thee; not to the sinners or unbeliever.” The young man went away like Nicodemus and looked very dejected. Read the rest of this entry »