Never quit


Life way of testing your believe is through challenges and hardship. Gold is tested by fire but human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation. The greater the test, the greater testimony. I have discovered that the spices that make life sweet are the challenges we pass through in life. Failure is part of life; until you move from failure to success, you cannot really tell a story that can inspire someone. In the course of my failure in life and relationship, I have learned a lot. Mistakes are also part of life, the only true mistakes are the ones in which you have not learn any lesson. Life itself is a teacher, it gives you the test first and later gives you the lesson.

Your obstacle may be the oracle that will bring you to your miracle. Remember Joseph in Egypt. God knows how to press the right button at the right time. Seek for knowledge. Knowledge is like a job, if you don’t search for it, you can never get it. Get passionate about your dream. Passion is the key. When you are passionate about your dream,  even the devil runs away from you. Therefore, don’t pass through life a failure. Very early in life, I made up my mind not to cheat during examination despite failure and God saw me through. My challenges started when I was writing my SSCE exam.

In November, 1997, I enrolled for GCE but I could not make it. In June 1998, I enrolled for SSCE but I could not make it. In November 1998, I enrolled for GCE but I failed. In June 1999, I enrolled for SSCE but I couldn’t pass the necessary papers, two years after my secondary school, having failed in art subjects for four times, a friend of mine told me to switch from art to science subjects. I obeyed him. Meanwhile, throughout my secondary school, I was an art student. I decided to buy textbooks on physics and chemistry. Then I started evening lecture. That was when I developed the habit of reading that has become part of me till today. In November 2000, I enrolled GCE in science subjects but I failed. In 2001, I enrolled for SSCE and NECO in science subjects. To God be the Glory, I cleared all my papers, including physics and chemistry and I develop writing skill. Honesty pays. In five years, I wrote seven exams.

If you are determined, you cannot be deterred on the way to your promise land. Seven attempt failure is not strong enough to terminate the ambition of someone who knows where he is going. If reward is great, you don’t consider the price. Short-cut never pay. You need to follow due process. If you don’t follow due process, you cannot be dully processed.

If you are gold, then furnace is the way out. The purest ore is gotten from the hottest oven. An evangelist said, “Christians are like Lipton tea, their real strength is not drown out until they get into hot water.”  For you to get something durable, you must pay the price. In your journey in life, never you try to help God. When God is training a man, he does not take him to the school of Grace but to the school of necessity” said John C. Maxwell. Tunde Bakare noted, “In God, we don’t fail perpetually, we only keep repeating the test until we pass.” Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit.

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