In one of his books, Dr. Myles Munroe narrated a story on one of his trips to London. On a particular afternoon, he decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood park and he eventually wandered into an old cemetery. He decided to explore the historical nature of the tombstones and the grave markers. The tombstones were inscribed with people’s names, quotes, date of birth and the date of death. As he was moving from one grave to another, he came across a small grave – about three feet in length (of a 4-yrear-old child) with the quotes gone but not forgotten. On returning back to his lodge, he began to ponder on the life-span and the purpose of the people he explored in the memorial-park.

What impacts are you making right now that will make people to remember you after your assignment on earth? Jesus Christ died over 2000 years ago but we are yet to recover from his positive impact. Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr Vincent Normal Peale, Napoleon Hill, Elton John, Dr. Robert Schuller, John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney, Mother Theresa and George Muller have all gone but people are still remembering them through their impacts. What would they say or write about you after your exit? If you cannot leave your footprint in the sand of time, posterity cannot remember you. Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare were not the only people that lived in England in their days but today, people are still remembering them through their books.

You don’t only write for prosperity but you also write for posterity. Fanny Crosby (1820 – 1915), an American hymn writer, poet and lyricist died long time ago but her song “Blessed Assurance” still impact lives. Philips Brooks (1835 – 1893) may have died but people will not forget him in haste because of the Christmas hymn he wrote “O Little Town of Bethlehem”. Do you know the song: “Fading Away like a Star in the Morning?” That was the song composed by Ira D. Sankey (1840 – 1908) in the funeral ceremony of D. L. Moody (1837 – 1899). Till the world ends, people will continue to sing that song. How would people remember you? Benson Idahosa advised, “You are not coming back to this world the second time; if you want to make impact, this is the only time to do it.” That should be a food for thought to everyone who wants to sour like an eagle in this generation.

WISDOM BANK: If you cannot leave your footprint in the sand of time, posterity cannot remember you – Abraham O. Ogun
TEXT: John 9:4
VOCABULARY: Posterity (Noun) – Future Generation
PRAYER POINT: Oh God, make me to discover who I am and direct my footsteps not pursue another person’s calling.
AFFIRMATION: I am destined for the top. I must develop my talents, potentials, gifts and make a mark in my world. So help me God…………
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