Hold on to your believe

Hold on to your believe

A father was trying to encourage his discouraged son by saying, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!” The boy replied, “But I can’t solve my problem.” The father told him, “Remember, son, the people who are remembered are those who didn’t give up – Robert Fulton didn’t give up, Thomas Edison never gave up, Eli Whitney never gave up, and look at Isadore McPringle.” The boy asked, “Dad, who is Isadora McPringle?” His father answered, “See, you never heard of him because he gave up.” – Excerpt from Robert Schuller.

You can become whatever you want in life if you can persist and pay the price. Don’t give up on your dreams. Rev. Fr. Michael Airohubie said, “Your mind works in the direction of the things you try.” Instead of saying, “It can’t be done”, rather ask, “How can it be done?” Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” In your journey in life, you can never end up a failure unless you quit. If you can get the work done in your imagination; it’s just a matter of time. Apostle Johnson Suleman said, “For every man that must fulfill destiny, he must be conscious of time and chance.”

I was interacting with a relative of mine some months back and he said that when the cost of building an estate is $10,000 and it’s not yet your time, you cannot afford it. But when your time comes and the cost of building an estate increases to $10,000,000, you will build ten estates. For those that are enjoying their time and chance, I congratulate you; but for those that are still waiting for their time and chance, don’t lose hope. The scripture says, “For surely, there is an end: and the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off” (Proverbs 23:18).

Robert Schuller affirmed, “You may not know what your future holds for you; but if you know the one that holds the future (God), you don’t have problem.” I don’t care to know where the wind of life blows you to, if you can respond with the faith and righteousness of Joseph, God will turn everything around for your favour at the right time. The death of Christ was meant for our good. Your present suffering may be for your own good.

Remember: gold only glitters when it passes through fire. For you to become a carving, you must undergo sculpturing. You may be seeking for admission, job opportunity, life partner, good health, freedom from incarceration, restoration of hope and fruit of the womb; never give up. God is impossibility specialist. He will always surprise us when all hope is gone. It may appear that you are in the lag period of your life – where your faith is being tested. But believe God; after darkness, there must always be sunlight. Be optimistic; your testimony is on the way. Don’t give up.

WISDOM BANK: In your journey in life, you can never end up a failure unless you quit
TEXT: Philippians 4: 13

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