Five principles to build up godly homes & marriages

Five principles to build up godly homes & marriages

1. TOLERANCE: Tolerance is very necessary for the success of any marriage. It is one of the principles you cannot do without if you really want your marriage to succeed. Bimbo Odukoya advised, “When you are going out with a guy or a lady, find out those things you cannot tolerate”. If you discover thing you cannot tolerate, the earlier you quit, the better. For instance, can you tolerate a guy or a lady who can commit adultery? Can you tolerate a liar or a thief? Can you tolerate someone who is nagging? These are things that don’t matter but matters a lot. Therefore, when you are going out in courtship, find out those you cannot tolerate and decide on what to do.

“Look before you leap” is a good advice to everyone who wants to have a successful marriage. You can’t find a perfect partner but you must x-ray those things you can tolerate. If you can’t tolerate it, it will terminate your marriage. “Marriage is an institution you will not graduate from, for the rest of your life,” said Benson Idahosa. Wedlock is padlock.

 2. DISCIPLINE: Discipline is one of the principled to build Godly homes and marriage. To discipline your partner, you must first discipline yourself. Abraham Lincoln noted, “The best way to show a child the way he should go is to walk in the way.” Leading by example is better than leading by words; for action speak louder than voice.

There is restriction in discipline. Permitting your children to watch all manner of programs on television is not likeness, rather, you are creating a stumbling block for their future success. Gabriel Oluyemi stated,” those that will lead revolution should not spend all their time watching television.” You need discipline before usage,” said evangelist Okoroafor. Uncle Steve noted, “Great men are not product of utterances but product of discipline”.

3. CORRECTION: The ability to take correction is one of the ways to build up Godly homes and Marriages. There is no perfect human being. It is only God that perfect. Therefore, we need correction in one area of our lives or the other. If you are willing to learn, every problem and error is correctable. Correctable people are very easy to be corrected. Rev. Fr. Richmond declared, “You can proof me wrong in my diction, you can proof me wrong in my sentences. But you cannot proof the word of God wrong.” You don’t need to proof your partner wrong because there is a place for correction in marriage.

Children grow character through correction and discipline. “lecturing your children can sometimes be as out of place as singing to people in morning, but a whipping is a wise choice of discipline at any time (Sirach 30:9-11). To be a man or woman of character, you need correction & discipline.GOOD

4. VIRTUE: Without good virtue in the home, that marriage is a failure. Uncle Steve noted, “A princess must first of all grow character or else she will become a shame to her clan.” It takes a moralist and a disciplinarian to have a good virtue. You need good virtue to bring up your children in a Godly way. If you don’t have it, you can’t pass it to your children. Rev. E.O. Ikako said, “The children and youths we refuse to train today, will give us sleepless night, today and tomorrow.” He went further to say: “training is not just passing oral instruction; it is passing your life into your student and transferring your lifestyle into children.”

 5. DOMESTICATION: We are in the era of Mr. Biggs, GT, Sweet Sensation, Shoprite and other fast food joints. As a wife, if you don’t know how to cook a simple dish, you are not qualified for marriage. Marriage don’t eliminate challenges, rather, it creates more challenges. ”If you can’t prepare a simple meal and keep the house clean, don’t think of marriage because there is a home to fix,” said Uncle Steve. Evangelist Chidi noted, “Being a Christian is a full time job.” Likewise, being a husband or wife is a full time job. To build up a Godly home and marriage we must well domesticate our children. Courage Ode stated, “The role of a mother is completely different from the role of a man.”

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