Building Momentum

Donald Trump, in one of his books, narrated a story about Bill Levitt. He was a big-time real estate agent in the United States of America. At a time, he was building seventeen thousand houses at once, which he called the Levitt town. In the course of his building, he set a goal to stop building after the one hundred and forty thousand building. Few year later, he was able to achieve his goal. Then, he sold his estates to another company and retired. He decided not to build in the  United States until after fifteen years. He eventually bought his company back after so many years but he could not continue with his initial pace. In his attempt to adopt his former strategy, inflation affected him and he lost everything.

You must understand that whatever you obtained by momentum should also be sustained by momentum. “When you have strength, what makes you cry yesterday will make you laugh today.”
Momentum is all about movement and strength. Newton second law of motion states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the external force and takes place in the direction of the force.
There is no time for recess on your journey to the next level. When you are driving the vehicle of life, the total amount of acceleration determines your level of speed.
Do not loss your spiritual momentum. It is action in Operation that takes your dreams from intangible state to reality.
Tony Robbins said, “It is not your condition but your decision that determines your destiny.” You can only  maintain a good moment when you sustain your momentum to the end.
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