divine assignment

Watchman Nee was in medical school when the Lord called him into the ministry. He was the best in his class but he never graduated. One day, he went to see his professor and told him that he is leaving school to pursue the assignment God created him to fulfill. The professor attempted to dissuade him from going into the ministry but all his effort failed. He could not convince the young boy.  At a point in his ministry, the professor came when he was passing through challenges, and said to him: “I told you never to leave but you didn’t listen. Now, look at how you ended.”  He did not bother about what the professor said.  After some years, he came across the poster of the obituary of the professor. At that time, his ministry began to boom and blossom. He looked at the poster as a great man of God and said, “So this is how you ended?”

Dr. Mike Murdock said, “Discern your gifts. Name your calling. Build your daily agenda around it. What ever you are gifted to do is what you should be doing.” Your fulfillment and significant in life are connected to your assignment. There are lots of people that are doing what others are doing but not what God told them to do. Happiness in life does not come by external phenomenon but by inner fulfillment.  The happiest people on earth are those that are living with purpose, moving with vision and working with divine assignment. God prepared your assignment before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5); but you just have to wait for the time of manifestation.

Bishop David Oyedepo declared, “Knowing your assignment determines your attainment in life. It is imperative that you discover the particular assignment God has for you.” You can only find your destinies helpers, true friends and partners in your area of assignment. No matter what you do, you can never find happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment until you discover your assignment in life.  There are lots of renowned and well-to-do people in the United States of America who are committing suicide on daily basis because they are living their lives outside God’s purpose. Without divine purpose, life becomes bored. There is a vacuum in every individual that material things cannot fill except divine assignment. Happiness may depend on what is happening around you but joy comes from the spirit (Galatians 5:22). Your divine assignment is rooted in your spirit and it takes the knowledge of God to discover it.

The Holy Book says, “Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called (1st Corinthians 7:20).” Are you called to be a prophet, evangelist, deliverance minister, teaching minister, singing minister, or intercessory and praying minister? Stay in your area of assignment and God will use you to make a mark in your generation. The creator can never assign you unless you discover your assignment.  Tel: +234 805 475 6015

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