Challenges as a Stepping Stone


In one of Joyce Meyer’s books, she told a story about a donkey that fell into a deep ditch. After much efforts to remove it but they could not, the owner concluded that the best solution was to bury the donkey in the ditch. Having realized that the donkey was aged, his colleagues decided to join him to bury the donkey since they could not get the donkey out of the ditch. As they throw a shovel full of dirt into the ditch, the donkey quickly shook it off and climb higher.  They kept trying to bury the donkey but the more they tried, the more the donkey shook it off and climb higher. Within a short time, the donkey used the heap of dirt as a stepping stone and matched out of the well.  

David Oyedepo said, “You cannot have a champion that is not challenged; it is overcoming the challenge that brings out the champion in you”. You can actually use your challenge as a stepping stone to a higher ground.  In the journey of life, you can never be an over-comer unless you overcome a challenge. Nobody composes a song for King David until he challenged and killed Goliath. You cannot pray to avert adversity; they are part of life. Your challenges will either make you better or bitter, depending on the attitude you sustain in the midst of the challenges and the ways you handle it.

Do you still remember the story of Joseph? When his siblings were maltreating him, they never knew they were helping him to fulfill his destiny. For you to make impact in your generation there are some challenges you must not dodge. When you dodge the season of your preparation, the time of manifestation will escape you. Orange juice is produced when an orange fruit is squeezed.  Likewise, the best can’t come out of you unless you pass through pressure.  Apostle Johnson Suleman noted, “The challenges of life are not meant to punish you but to polish you.”

There are times in life when your hope in human beings is dashed but that is the time God reveals to you the stuff He used to create you. Albert Einstein became the greatest scientist because he could not get a teaching job. Dr. Chris discovered the vision of our daily manna (ODM) because of protracted joblessness.  Sam Adeyemi discovered the dream of success power because of the challenges he went through.  You can use your challenges as a stepping stone to a higher ground. Rev. Fr. Ozele declared, “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something.” You can acquire what you aspire if you perspire and do not retire.  Keep your vision alive.     Tel: +234 805 475 6015

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