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The Path of Destiny

pathway to destiny

D = Decision          E = Envision          S = Salvation          T = Transformation  I = Inspiration                      N = Negotiation     Y = Yielding

D=DECISION:  Decision is the process of making a choice from alternatives. It takes a great decision to make a great destiny. Not to decide is also a decision. When you decided not to decide, you have already taken a great decision in your life. There are four major decisions that are crucial to man/woman: Decision on who to serve, what to do in life (career), who to marry and where to live in life. When you make a decision to serve the most-high God, you will find yourself in the highest point of success.

E=ENVISION: Human beings are product of their vision. What are you seeing? You cannot feature into the future you have not pictured. It is your mental picture that determines your real future. What is going to manifest in your life in the nearest future starts from now. Never take a long break at the end of chapter one of your life. The future you don’t prepared for, will take you by surprise.

S=SALVATION: No matter the level of success you attain in life, until you know God, you can never fulfill your destiny. If you doubt the accuracy of my statement, endeavor to ask Nicodemus or Zeccheaus in the bible. These personalities have riches but they felt empty without salvation. The day they have an encounter with Jesus, their lives changed. Your true fulfillment in life comes after salvation experience.

T=TRANSFORMATION:  For you to fulfill your destiny, you must be transformed internally and externally. Transformation is a process of abandoning your old ways of living and embracing a new way of living.  The scripture says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things become new” (2 Corinthians 5: 17).

I=INSPIRATION: We need divine inspiration to make impact in our generation. The Holy book declares, “There is a spirit in man but the inspiration of the almighty gives him understanding.” We need an inspiration from God to fulfill our destiny. Inspiration doesn’t come when you are in a beer parlor or disco party but it comes during your quiet time and meditation.

N=NEGOCIATION:    Life can never give you what you wish for but what you negotiated for. To fulfill your destiny, you must negotiate with nature – what you want from life. If God had not negotiated with the devil concerning the affliction of Job, Satan would have taken his life. Life is all about negotiation. What you don’t negotiate for can never come your way.

Y=YIELDING:   After the creation of man, God instructed him – be fruitful, increase, multiply, replenish, dominate and have subdue. Our God is a God of multiplication, not a God of subtraction. Therefore, to fulfill your destiny, you must increase, multiply, replenish, dominate and subdue on the surface of the earth according to the precept of God.


10 Keys To Become Outstanding In Life


1. Reading    2. Positive Mind-set     3. God’s Knowledge    4. Vision  5. Focus      6. Determination        7. Persistence         8. Self-control 9. Preparation    10. Time Management

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will study and prepare myself and someday I know my chance will come.” You must study and prepare yourself because when you dodge the season of preparation, the time of manifestation will escape you. If you want to become an outstanding citizen tomorrow, start reading today. Everybody is supposed to be a reader. Unfortunately, 98% of Nigerians don’t know the importance of reading. Ken Sarowiwa noted, “You cannot be in charge unless you are charged.” One of the things that can charge your mental faculty and position you in the orbit of success is reading.

John Mason, “You may succeed if nobody else believes in you but you will never succeed if you do not believe in yourself.” Believe in oneself is a major key to succeed in life. The scripture says, “Everything is possible to him that believes” (Mark 9:23).  Elbert Hubbard asserted, “Picture in your mind, the able earnest useful person you desire to be and the thought you hold is hourly transforming you to the particular individual you admire. Roosevelt was crippled by polio. Instead of allowing that disability to hold him back, he cultivated a never-give-up attitude that enabled him to become the only united state president to run for four terms. How far you can go in life depend solely on the degree of positive thinking inside you.

St. Augustine declares, “We were made for God and we will be restless until will find rest in him.” The knowledge of God is the first key to become outstanding in life. God creates way when seems there is no way. When you make a decision to serve the most high, you will find yourself in the highest point of success. Common thing is enough for God to do the unusual. Progress is not all about accumulation but moving line in what God created you to be. If God is ahead, He can handle what is behind.

What is vision? Vision is a mental picture of your future and a preview to your greatness. You need vision to become an outstanding citizen – a first class material in all areas of life. The bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perished”(Proverbs 29:18). Every vision is for an appointed time not “now”. Any dream that is “now” is not dream but a nightmare. Every great achievement of a man is a dream before it comes into reality.  Vision sees the invisible, believe the incredible and achieve the impossible.

Focus the ability to pay attention to a particular thing irrespective of distraction. There is invisible and invincible power in focus. It is only those with focus that have determination. It takes focus to finish what you started. It is broken focus that makes people to quit from a particular thing and engage in another thing. It takes a focus to set a target. When there is nothing you are aiming at, you appreciate anything that comes. Be a man of one thing and not a man of many things. You must have a focal point because no matter how fast you are in a wrong path, you can never get to your destination.

Determination is the power to hold on irrespective of distraction and opposition. Where the determination is, the way can be found. On the way to your dream land, you must across challenges but when you determine, you will succeed. Determination is facing obstacle and never look back. If you determine, you don’t stop until you win. Nobody is making it today that has never fail one day. When you are determine, irrespective of your failure, you don’t loss hope. Richard Nixon observed, “Man is not finished when he is defeated but he is finished when he quits.” In any area of life, determination can single you out and make you an outstanding citizen.

Persistence is a major key to succeed in all areas of life. A lot of people give up their ambition and pursuit in life when they have just a step to take. Dreams must be back up with undying and relentless persistence. Success comes to those who are committed. Charles Dickens spent only four years in high school.  He wanted to become an author but people despise him because he was not qualified. The first manuscript he produced was carried out overnight in the secret to avoid mockers. He roamed around the streets of London for so many years. He focused and persisted and eventually he became a renowned author.

You can never be the person you are supposed to be if self-control and discipline are taking away from you.  The ultimate measure of a man/woman is his/her ability to control himself/herself sexually, financially and emotionally. A wise man said, “The difference between a man/woman and a dog is self-control.” In any area of life, self-control and discipline can take you from the bottom of life to the zenith of life. When it comes to success in life, self-control is everything.

Preparation is very necessary in the life of every human being. When you dodge the season of preparation, the time of manifestation will escape you. It pays to prepare ahead because it was not raining when Noah build the ark. When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Every one that is shining today was the one that prepare yesterday. To fulfill your destiny you must be prepare. No preparation, no manifestation.

Time is the most precious commodity and how will manage it determines how our lives turn out. Time is all the years in the present, past and future. If you must be an outstanding citizen, you must know how to manage your time. An evangelist said, “Real men sleep 4 hours, women sleep 7 hours whiles fools sleep 9 hours.” Therefore, don’t sleep your time away. Don’t smoke, gossip, wander or drink your time away. The future starts from today. We are in the era when the level of your success is determined by the amount of wisdom you apply with time. Singapore gain their independent in 1965 and between that year and 2000, they were able to move from the strata of third world nations to that of the first world nations. How were they able to achieve this? They apply wisdom with time.

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Actualizing Your Dreams


Rev. Fr. Ozele observed, “When God gives you a dream, what you necessarily have to pass through may not be your idea, of attaining the dream”. Dreams are God’s inspired thoughts and ideas in the heart of men. God does not open the windows of heaven and pour down money. If God wants to bless a man, he gives him interesting ideas and dreams to interpret. Nobody interprets the dream of God and remain the same. It is only God-given dream that can lift a man from nobody to somebody, from zero to hero and from pain to gain. For you to have a dream interpreter, you must be the Joseph of this generation.

You can only discover your dream through divine inspiration. The scripture says, “There is a spirit in man but the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding” (Job 32:8). Dreamers are winners. You can only fulfill your destiny when you are able to discover the dream God lays in your heart. Uncle Steve noted, “Your dream is tied to the location God sends you to manifest”. Daniel was sent to manifest his dream in Babylon. Joseph was pre-destined to manifest his dream in the land of Egypt. Until you find your location, you cannot receive your allocation.

Life does not permit vacuum; is either you have a dream or a nightmare. The real dreamers dream when their two eyes are open. For you to dream true dreams your two naked eyes must be open and your mind must be involve.


  1. Dream terminators
  2. Dream appreciators

When you have a dream, get ready for dream terminators. If someone cannot boost your dream, someone will terminate it. Dream terminators are those that discourage you from reaching your dreams, vision, goals and target in life. They are those that attempt to take away your coat of many colours and make it theirs. But remember, you can’t shine with somebody’s glory, it won’t take you far.

The scripture says, “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told his brother and they hated him yet the more” (Gen. 37:5). That means dreams attract hatred from people. If you are going to have a big dream, you are going to attract a big hatred from people. Rev. Fr. Ozele stated, “Your friends, relatives and your brothers will either choke your dream or stretch your vision”. He went further to say; “The length, the breath, and the height of your vision determines the level of persecution the enemy aims at you. But if you don’t have vision, he doesn’t bother you”.

Dreams attract dreams terminators. Anyone who cannot boost your dream will terminate it. Whoever that cannot lift you up will pull you down. A man of dream and vision will always think of the future and on his way to the future, dream terminators are inevitable. A preacher advised, “Talking your dream will make people to be afraid of you but don’t stop talking your dream”. What a good advice! “To achieve your dream, you must verbalize it” (Rev. Fr. Mario Ozele). That is why I titled my musical album I will write my vision. For God to bring your vision and dream to pass, you must write it down and continue to verbalize it. The scripture says, “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables…” (Habakkuk 2:2)


Dream appreciators, as the name implies, are those that boost your dream, encourage you and motivate you in the process of actualizing your dreams. Anyone you come across have the tendency to either boost or kill your dream. In the journey to your dream land, your dream can either be appreciated or terminated by people. When Joseph brethren saw him afar, they said, “Here comes the dreamer, let’s kill him and see what will become of his dreams” (Gen. 37:18-20(. Joseph brethren were after him because of this dream, not because of his personality.

Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor noted, “People and Satan can only attack you because of your dreams, not because of your personality”. Martin Luther King (Jr.) stated, “I have a dream”. Likewise, you have a dream in your Finances, marriage, business, academics, and your spiritual life. Therefore, a lot of people want to see what will become of your dreams but we have a God that neither sleeps, nor slumber. May God help us to actualize our dreams in Jesus name (Amen).


You may have passed all your courses in the university but for you to become a champion in the game of life, you must pass the course Experience 401. It is not a borrowed course; it is a core course. Joseph wanted to become a graduate in the house of Portiphar without having a pass mark in the course but God took him and send him to the prison in order to pass the course. Brother Peter Ibhawaegbele stated, “In the University of God, there is no waver, you must pass all the courses”. “In God, you don’t fail perpetually; you only keep on repeating the test until you pass”, said Tunde Bakare. For you to be truly righteous, you must fulfill all righteousness. Uncle Steve noted, “You need every experience in your life to become what God wants you to be”.

Dreamers always encounter challenges. The saying goes; “Nothing good comes easy”. To achieve your dreams, you must encounter a lot of oppositions. You cannot wake up one day and say you are a champion in the Lord. Take note: for you to become David, you must kill Goliath. To accomplish your dreams, you must surmount obstacles. But remember, your obstacles may be the oracle that will bring you to your miracle. His grace is sufficient for us.

Your Gift Can Give You A Lift


Saint John Vianney was a dummy while in seminary school. His classmate ridiculed him because he was a dullard. In several occasions, the school management decided to drop him because of his high rate of failure but the bishop allowed him to complete his studies. After his ordination, the bishop sent him to a remote village parish – a small parish mould with clay. But God gave him a gift of confession that makes all the people in the city to troop to his parish. With increase of people in his parish, he turned the small village to city. Wow!

Your gift can give you a lift. If the gift is from above, it can take you to above. The bible says, “He that comes from above is above all”. David Longe asserted, “When God inspires you, you cannot be expired.” When you are gifted by God, you are lifted by God. Nothing limits a man more than the limitations of his gift. If you limit your gift, you will be limited in some certain areas of your life. The scripture says, “A man gift makes room for him and bring him before great men” (Proverb 18:16).

For you to come in contact with great men, you must be gifted. It takes somebody that has the revelation of God to interpret the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. It takes someone that has the gift of dream to interpret the dream of Pharaoh. Men that move from lion’s den to throne are men that know how to reveal through divine inspiration. People that are released from prison to palace are people that have the gift of dream interpretation. Those that have nothing to offer always remain where they are.

Dr. Ben Carson noted, “There is just not limit to what people can accomplish when they develop their mind and use books to acquire knowledge”. Your gifts know no limit when you develop your mind and use books to acquire knowledge. Helen Keller affirmed, “When books are open, we discover that we have wings”. “Show me a man who is reading a book and I will show you someone who is booking a date with destiny” (impact O).

To become a hot cake in your generation, you must have a hot gift. Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor said, “God can give you a gift that will make you a hot cake”. A single gift from God can transform the life of a man. When you are gifted by God, you don’t need to go to school before you can rise and shine. The bible says, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matt. 5:14). Rev. Fr. Richmond observed, “When you have the Holy Spirit, you don’t need to have ph.D before you can turn the world around.

A single gift from God is what you need to shine in your generation. Jesus died 2000 years ago but till today, we are yet to recover from his impact. Make an impact so that your name cannot be forgotten. Be inspired to aspire in order not to expire. God’s grace is sufficient for us.

See you at the top!

Never quit


Life way of testing your believe is through challenges and hardship. Gold is tested by fire but human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation. The greater the test, the greater testimony. I have discovered that the spices that make life sweet are the challenges we pass through in life. Failure is part of life; until you move from failure to success, you cannot really tell a story that can inspire someone. In the course of my failure in life and relationship, I have learned a lot. Mistakes are also part of life, the only true mistakes are the ones in which you have not learn any lesson. Life itself is a teacher, it gives you the test first and later gives you the lesson.

Your obstacle may be the oracle that will bring you to your miracle. Remember Joseph in Egypt. God knows how to press the right button at the right time. Seek for knowledge. Knowledge is like a job, if you don’t search for it, you can never get it. Get passionate about your dream. Passion is the key. When you are passionate about your dream,  even the devil runs away from you. Therefore, don’t pass through life a failure. Very early in life, I made up my mind not to cheat during examination despite failure and God saw me through. My challenges started when I was writing my SSCE exam.

In November, 1997, I enrolled for GCE but I could not make it. In June 1998, I enrolled for SSCE but I could not make it. In November 1998, I enrolled for GCE but I failed. In June 1999, I enrolled for SSCE but I couldn’t pass the necessary papers, two years after my secondary school, having failed in art subjects for four times, a friend of mine told me to switch from art to science subjects. I obeyed him. Meanwhile, throughout my secondary school, I was an art student. I decided to buy textbooks on physics and chemistry. Then I started evening lecture. That was when I developed the habit of reading that has become part of me till today. In November 2000, I enrolled GCE in science subjects but I failed. In 2001, I enrolled for SSCE and NECO in science subjects. To God be the Glory, I cleared all my papers, including physics and chemistry and I develop writing skill. Honesty pays. In five years, I wrote seven exams.

If you are determined, you cannot be deterred on the way to your promise land. Seven attempt failure is not strong enough to terminate the ambition of someone who knows where he is going. If reward is great, you don’t consider the price. Short-cut never pay. You need to follow due process. If you don’t follow due process, you cannot be dully processed.

If you are gold, then furnace is the way out. The purest ore is gotten from the hottest oven. An evangelist said, “Christians are like Lipton tea, their real strength is not drown out until they get into hot water.”  For you to get something durable, you must pay the price. In your journey in life, never you try to help God. When God is training a man, he does not take him to the school of Grace but to the school of necessity” said John C. Maxwell. Tunde Bakare noted, “In God, we don’t fail perpetually, we only keep repeating the test until we pass.” Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit.

There is ability in disability

There is ability in disability

Nick Vujicic was having one of the most depressing childhood anyone ever had. He was born limbless. The law of Australia had to be changed to grant him admission in school. Bullied by everyone, he completed suicide at the age of 10. That is when he realized that his story was an inspiration to many and as proceeded to college. At the age of 20, he started his career as a motivational speaker.

 You can rise from where you are to where you want to be. There is ability in disability. You may be born with physical disability by what determines your effectiveness in life is the functioning of your mind. The scripture says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). The greatest disability is mental disability. When your mind is to in order, your life cannot be disorder. If you are physically able but mentally disable, you are altogether disabled. Few a years   ago, I wrote a book titled, Ten keys to become outstanding in life. To become outstanding, you must make use of your mind.

 Benson Idahosa noted, when God gives you a destiny, no man can alter it.” There is always a law that governs every human endeavours. If you can change the law, you will change your situation. The law of Australia had to change because Nick needed to go to school in order to fulfill his identity. Johnson Suleman declared, when you have hunger for visitation, your desire will be on fire.” Nick desire was on fire and that is why he crosses the border of limitation to fulfill his destiny.

 John Maxwell stated, “You become on the outside what you believe on the inside.” Your internal environment controls your external environment. If your heart is ok, your life will be ok,” said Joseph Chikelue. Though Nick had disability on the outside, he believed himself on the inside. Your believing system determines your living system. If you can believe in yours despite your physical disability or negative assertion from others, you will make impact in your generation. Take note: the world is too busy to listen to ordinary people; it takes a hero to be heard.

 Sonya Carson affirmed, “What is inside count most. Anybody can dress on the outside and be dead inside.” You may have physical disability but don’t allow that to stop your accomplishment and achievement in life. Your body may be disabled but your mind is disabled. A young man declared, “Whatever you conquer in mind, you conquer in life.” Your mind dictates the general tone of your life, not your body. Whether disable or not, endeavour to occupy your space in destiny. The bible says, “Occupy till I come.”

 David Longe asserted, “The primary cause of poverty is mental laziness”. The fact that you have a depressing childhood because of your disability or background does not mean you should have a depressing adulthood. Research had shown that those who move from nowhere to somewhere in life are those that come from families that have nothing to right home about. Destiny has nothing to do with disability. If God created you to be a champion nobody can make you a failure. The book of Habakkuk says, “Though it tarries, it must surely come to pass.

 Therefore, you have ability and capability. Don’t look down on yourself. If you are disabled, God knows the reason He created you that way. Rev. Fr. Ozele noted, “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something.” In the sight of God, everybody is equal. In 2kings 7:4, when the able men were afraid to take risk, God used four disabled leprous men to fulfill the prophecy if his servant (Elisha).

 Look: your physical structure may show how beautiful or ugly you are but it is your mental development that determines the degree of your impact in your generation. You may not have the credentials but you have the potentials. Life is all about impact and if you are not impacting your environment, you are not actually living. God invested so much in you. Rev. Fr. Ozele said, “You don’t know what you know until you get out of where you are.” Discover who you are and you will become a celebrity. See you at the top.

How to discover your talent

How to discover your talent

Talent is your natural ability to do something that others find it difficult to do. You cannot create talent but you can develop it. If you don’t have it, it cannot develop it. T.D. Jakes noted. A lot of people want preachers to bring out in them things that are not in them; preacher can only bring out things that God has already deposited in you”. Your talent is already in you but you need to discover it. A lot of people complain that they don’t have talent cut Rev. Fr. Panachy said, “There is no one that is not gifted.”

“To manifest your talent is to bring out that which is available but not visible part of you” said Benson Idahosa. Rev. Fr. Michael Arohusa observed. Everybody can sing but can sing in a unique way, people will pay for it. Your ability to do it in a unique and different way makes it your talent.

What are the things that you passionate about? What do you do effortlessly and easily? What are your areas of interest? What do you have conviction about/. If you are able to able to provide the right answers to these questions, you have discovered your talent. A Biochemist said, Each of us is born with distinctive equipment more than we learn to use”.

To use your, you must discover it, develop it, experiment it and watch out for people’s reaction. A talent you don’t discover, you cannot make use of. If God placed in your leg what you will use to fulfill your destiny and you go about using mouth, you cannot be fulfilled. If you are created to be a singer and you decided to be a footballer, you cannot be fulfilled. Fulfillment and satisfaction comes when you discover your potentials and use it to impact your generation, outside God’s road, there is no other road”, said David Abioye.