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Challenges as a Stepping Stone


In one of Joyce Meyer’s books, she told a story about a donkey that fell into a deep ditch. After much efforts to remove it but they could not, the owner concluded that the best solution was to bury the donkey in the ditch. Having realized that the donkey was aged, his colleagues decided to join him to bury the donkey since they could not get the donkey out of the ditch. As they throw a shovel full of dirt into the ditch, the donkey quickly shook it off and climb higher.  They kept trying to bury the donkey but the more they tried, the more the donkey shook it off and climb higher. Within a short time, the donkey used the heap of dirt as a stepping stone and matched out of the well.   (more…)

The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination

On his first trip to the United States of America, as he came down from the aircraft (in the airport), Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa looked around, smiled to himself and said, “I was here before.” His entourage and those that came to received him requested, “Papa, when did you come to the United States of America before?” He replied, “In my imagination.”

Apostle Johnson Suleman remarked, “The greatest nation on earth is not Germany or UK or USA but the greatest nation is the nation of the mind and that is why it is called Imagination.” (more…)