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divine assignment

Watchman Nee was in medical school when the Lord called him into the ministry. He was the best in his class but he never graduated. One day, he went to see his professor and told him that he is leaving school to pursue the assignment God created him to fulfill. The professor attempted to dissuade him from going into the ministry but all his effort failed. He could not convince the young boy.  At a point in his ministry, the professor came when he was passing through challenges, and said to him: “I told you never to leave but you didn’t listen. Now, look at how you ended.”  He did not bother about what the professor said.  After some years, he came across the poster of the obituary of the professor. At that time, his ministry began to boom and blossom. He looked at the poster as a great man of God and said, “So this is how you ended?” (more…)



In one of his books, Dr. Myles Munroe narrated a story on one of his trips to London. On a particular afternoon, he decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood park and he eventually wandered into an old cemetery. He decided to explore the historical nature of the tombstones and the grave markers. The tombstones were inscribed with people’s names, quotes, date of birth and the date of death. As he was moving from one grave to another, he came across a small grave – about three feet in length (of a 4-yrear-old child) with the quotes gone but not forgotten. On returning back to his lodge, he began to ponder on the life-span and the purpose of the people he explored in the memorial-park. (more…)