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created for impact

created for impact

You are the best person God has ever created. Have you ever thought of it? You are a unique person on the surface of the earth. No other person has the same fingerprint with you. Your abilities and capabilities are different from other people. That means God created you to fulfill a definite purpose and it is that purpose that will bring you to limelight and fulfillment. Success is not about becoming a particular professional but it is all about discovering the assignment God created you to accomplish on earth and to finish it. Jeremiah was created to be a prophet. St. Paul was created to be a preacher. Moses was created to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. John the Baptist was created to prepare the way for Jesus. (more…)



Right Direction

In his book, Zig Ziglar narrated a story about a young man that was traveling from a city into a village. At a time, he discovered that he could not locate his direction. Then, he called one of the villagers and said, “Please, I need your help; am lost.” The villager asked, “Do you know where you are?” He replied, “Sure, I saw it on the signboard as I drove into the village.” The villager requested, “Do you know where you are going?” He answered, “Yes, I know my destination.” The villager concluded: “You have not lost; you only need a direction.” (more…)