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The other day I went to a barbing saloon to cut my hair; and while I was waiting for my turn, I saw some young children around that place. I called one of them and I asked, “What do you like to become when you grow up?”  She smiled and replied, “Lawyer”.  The other one said, “Teacher”.  When I assess them, I discovered that one of them was in KG 2 while the other was in primary 2.

Pastor Akomaye Ugah noted, “The greatest thing that can happen to you is self-discovery; because relating to your self discovery is your self-esteem.” Knowing who you are at your tender age eliminates confusion in choice of vocation. Socrates said, “Man, know thy self.”  (more…)



The Value of Vision

Mother Teresa was one of the people that achieve greatness through the process of vision. She was called into the vocation of a Nun; but somewhere along the line, she received another vision to cater for the less privileged people in the village of Calcutta. She did not know how to relate her vision to the bishop and it lingered. When the vision consumed and drove her with great passion, she summoned courage and informed the bishop. He approved and released her from the convent to embark on her vision. As soon as she began, resources started coming from individuals to support her vision. She built orphanage homes and designated them to the orphans, widows, widowers and the less privileged people in the society. She started as a local person but at the point of her death, she became a global personality. Through the principle of vision, she achieved greatness.

Professor Matthew Ufua declared, “The greatest thing a young person needs is vision, not education; because when you get a vision, you will pursue education.” (more…)