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DignityIn one of our NCCF state conference in Sokoto State, a pastor told us a story about a lady that sneaked out of NYSC camp and came to stand by the road side. A young boy came with a car, picked her up, took her to a hotel and slept with her. Two weeks after posting, she discovered that the boy was an SS 2 student in her place of primary assignment. What a shame!

Pastor Tunde Bakare declared, “If you don’t put a price on yourself, people will price you cheap.”  Ninety percent (90%) of ladies and guys, who maintain their moral standard at home, defile themselves when they get to higher institution. Ninety Eight (98%) of ladies and guys who maintain purity in Campus because of Campus fellowship, stain their garment during NYSC. (more…)


Mistake to MiracleOne day, a German-Swiss Chemist – Christian Friedrich was working in the kitchen which his wife has strictly forbidden. He was experimenting with sulfuric acid and nitric acid. When he accidentally spilled some of the mixture on the table, he thought he was in trouble when his wife found out. He hurriedly snatched up a cotton apron, wipe up the mess and hung the apron by the fire to dry. Suddenly, there was a violent explosion. The cellulose in the cotton underwent a process called nitration. Unknowingly to him, he has invented nitrocellulose, which is called smokeless gunpowder or guncotton. He went on to market his invention which made him a huge some of money – excerpt from John C. Maxwell. (more…)