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Choosing A Career


On a particular day in the year 2009, I was talking to a group of SS 3 students in where I was assigned to carry out National Youth Service Corp in Sokoto State. After doing the normal thing, I decided to find out whether they have a sense of direction. I actually wanted to know what they want to become in future. Some said they want to become a doctor, teacher, engineer, trader, policeman and businessman. Others make up their mind to become custom, scientist and educationist. At the end, I discovered that 80% of them don’t even know where they are going. They chose a particular career or profession based on what their fellow friends chosed.

For you to succeed in life, you must chose a career or course that best suits your kind of personality. You must have interest and passion in that area of your choice. At 27, I could look at my younger one and predict that he is going to be an electrical or mechanical engineer. Why? I was able to study him and know some of the things he attracted to. The father of Nelson Mandela could look at Nelson at a very tender age and said, “Due to his inclination, I could predict that he is going to be a public personnel, to secure and deliver his siblings.

When you know your direction in life and have a clear picture of where you are going, your means of getting there becomes easy. When you locate your right direction, you will see the need to be focused.

In the race of life, a lot of people travel opposite to the direction of their destiny. Be informed; no matter how fast you are in a wrong path, you can never get to your destination. A cripple who follows the right direction in life, will get to his destination before an able-body human who follows the wrong direction. Your shortest route to your promise land is “Right direction” do not fit into someone else path, follow your direction.

In Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company limited, we help the younger ones, teenagers and adults to choose a career that consistence with their personality and give them long term happiness and fulfillment.

Becoming A Writer (6 Months Training Program)


You can never take a man on a journey you have not been to. To become an author or a professional writer, you need discipline and commitment. Everybody who attains the level of secondary school or university, can write but if you can write in a unique way, people will pay for it. You may not need university degree to become a writer but you need dedication, discipline, commitment and interest in the area you want to be a writer. Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and Briam Tarcy just to mention few, never attended any university but they are one of the best authors ever read so far in history. I’m not insinuating that you should not obtain your degree. It will be an added advantage if you can afford it.

One of the best way to immortalize yourself is to publish a book. To become a writer is a honourable, satisfactory and fulfilling. It is a life-time profession. Often time, I have helped a lot of people who got stranded in developing their writing skills to become an author. Most time, their major complain is; “I used to write but now I have lost he interest”. Some others will admit: “I have interest in writing but I don’t know how to go about it.

To become a writer, you need 6 things;

  1. Inspiration (From God)
  2. Interest (Passion)
  3. Discipline (Separation)
  4. Commitment (reading & writing)
  5. Direction (the area you want to write)
  6. Training.

I received the inspiration when I was in 200 level, picked interest and direction in area of motivation and relationship. Then, I committed myself to reading books and discipline myself to write books. Before graduation, I had already written two books and I published one before NYSC. As I am writing this, I have written a lot of books with additional 5 yet to be completed.

If you want to be famous, you cannot be a general writer; you must pick an area of interest. It could be prose, novel, drama, poetry, motivation, relationship, Christian literature, psychology, sociology, scientific research and lots more.

If you have the inspiration and you develop your writing skills, it will be very easy for you to float in your area of interest. Ensure that you have passion in that area or else, you will not function well in that area.

To develop your writing skills, I suggest that you volunteer to be the secretary of your organization, institution, church or social gathering. I started functioning as the secretary of the youth in our church at the age of 18 (when I was in class five in secondary school). I maintained that position for seven years. Then I handed over to someone and obtained the position of financial secretary in the parish level. I maintained that for two years before handing over to someone. During my NYSC, I also acted as the secretary to the corper in our place of primary assignment. I maintained that position for six months before I handed over. During this process, I was building my confidence in writing. You need to build your confidence before you can be bold enough to present your script for someone to proofread. Functioning as a secretary alone cannot make you to become a writer, you must also have the inspiration, interest and ready to be discipline and committed to reading and writing.

If you want to be a professional writer, we are here to render you the necessary help. In Abrahamic Limited, we render a consultancy service to help authors overcome writer’s block.

Actualizing Your Dreams


Rev. Fr. Ozele observed, “When God gives you a dream, what you necessarily have to pass through may not be your idea, of attaining the dream”. Dreams are God’s inspired thoughts and ideas in the heart of men. God does not open the windows of heaven and pour down money. If God wants to bless a man, he gives him interesting ideas and dreams to interpret. Nobody interprets the dream of God and remain the same. It is only God-given dream that can lift a man from nobody to somebody, from zero to hero and from pain to gain. For you to have a dream interpreter, you must be the Joseph of this generation.

You can only discover your dream through divine inspiration. The scripture says, “There is a spirit in man but the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding” (Job 32:8). Dreamers are winners. You can only fulfill your destiny when you are able to discover the dream God lays in your heart. Uncle Steve noted, “Your dream is tied to the location God sends you to manifest”. Daniel was sent to manifest his dream in Babylon. Joseph was pre-destined to manifest his dream in the land of Egypt. Until you find your location, you cannot receive your allocation.

Life does not permit vacuum; is either you have a dream or a nightmare. The real dreamers dream when their two eyes are open. For you to dream true dreams your two naked eyes must be open and your mind must be involve.


  1. Dream terminators
  2. Dream appreciators

When you have a dream, get ready for dream terminators. If someone cannot boost your dream, someone will terminate it. Dream terminators are those that discourage you from reaching your dreams, vision, goals and target in life. They are those that attempt to take away your coat of many colours and make it theirs. But remember, you can’t shine with somebody’s glory, it won’t take you far.

The scripture says, “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told his brother and they hated him yet the more” (Gen. 37:5). That means dreams attract hatred from people. If you are going to have a big dream, you are going to attract a big hatred from people. Rev. Fr. Ozele stated, “Your friends, relatives and your brothers will either choke your dream or stretch your vision”. He went further to say; “The length, the breath, and the height of your vision determines the level of persecution the enemy aims at you. But if you don’t have vision, he doesn’t bother you”.

Dreams attract dreams terminators. Anyone who cannot boost your dream will terminate it. Whoever that cannot lift you up will pull you down. A man of dream and vision will always think of the future and on his way to the future, dream terminators are inevitable. A preacher advised, “Talking your dream will make people to be afraid of you but don’t stop talking your dream”. What a good advice! “To achieve your dream, you must verbalize it” (Rev. Fr. Mario Ozele). That is why I titled my musical album I will write my vision. For God to bring your vision and dream to pass, you must write it down and continue to verbalize it. The scripture says, “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables…” (Habakkuk 2:2)


Dream appreciators, as the name implies, are those that boost your dream, encourage you and motivate you in the process of actualizing your dreams. Anyone you come across have the tendency to either boost or kill your dream. In the journey to your dream land, your dream can either be appreciated or terminated by people. When Joseph brethren saw him afar, they said, “Here comes the dreamer, let’s kill him and see what will become of his dreams” (Gen. 37:18-20(. Joseph brethren were after him because of this dream, not because of his personality.

Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor noted, “People and Satan can only attack you because of your dreams, not because of your personality”. Martin Luther King (Jr.) stated, “I have a dream”. Likewise, you have a dream in your Finances, marriage, business, academics, and your spiritual life. Therefore, a lot of people want to see what will become of your dreams but we have a God that neither sleeps, nor slumber. May God help us to actualize our dreams in Jesus name (Amen).


You may have passed all your courses in the university but for you to become a champion in the game of life, you must pass the course Experience 401. It is not a borrowed course; it is a core course. Joseph wanted to become a graduate in the house of Portiphar without having a pass mark in the course but God took him and send him to the prison in order to pass the course. Brother Peter Ibhawaegbele stated, “In the University of God, there is no waver, you must pass all the courses”. “In God, you don’t fail perpetually; you only keep on repeating the test until you pass”, said Tunde Bakare. For you to be truly righteous, you must fulfill all righteousness. Uncle Steve noted, “You need every experience in your life to become what God wants you to be”.

Dreamers always encounter challenges. The saying goes; “Nothing good comes easy”. To achieve your dreams, you must encounter a lot of oppositions. You cannot wake up one day and say you are a champion in the Lord. Take note: for you to become David, you must kill Goliath. To accomplish your dreams, you must surmount obstacles. But remember, your obstacles may be the oracle that will bring you to your miracle. His grace is sufficient for us.

Your Gift Can Give You A Lift


Saint John Vianney was a dummy while in seminary school. His classmate ridiculed him because he was a dullard. In several occasions, the school management decided to drop him because of his high rate of failure but the bishop allowed him to complete his studies. After his ordination, the bishop sent him to a remote village parish – a small parish mould with clay. But God gave him a gift of confession that makes all the people in the city to troop to his parish. With increase of people in his parish, he turned the small village to city. Wow!

Your gift can give you a lift. If the gift is from above, it can take you to above. The bible says, “He that comes from above is above all”. David Longe asserted, “When God inspires you, you cannot be expired.” When you are gifted by God, you are lifted by God. Nothing limits a man more than the limitations of his gift. If you limit your gift, you will be limited in some certain areas of your life. The scripture says, “A man gift makes room for him and bring him before great men” (Proverb 18:16).

For you to come in contact with great men, you must be gifted. It takes somebody that has the revelation of God to interpret the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. It takes someone that has the gift of dream to interpret the dream of Pharaoh. Men that move from lion’s den to throne are men that know how to reveal through divine inspiration. People that are released from prison to palace are people that have the gift of dream interpretation. Those that have nothing to offer always remain where they are.

Dr. Ben Carson noted, “There is just not limit to what people can accomplish when they develop their mind and use books to acquire knowledge”. Your gifts know no limit when you develop your mind and use books to acquire knowledge. Helen Keller affirmed, “When books are open, we discover that we have wings”. “Show me a man who is reading a book and I will show you someone who is booking a date with destiny” (impact O).

To become a hot cake in your generation, you must have a hot gift. Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor said, “God can give you a gift that will make you a hot cake”. A single gift from God can transform the life of a man. When you are gifted by God, you don’t need to go to school before you can rise and shine. The bible says, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matt. 5:14). Rev. Fr. Richmond observed, “When you have the Holy Spirit, you don’t need to have ph.D before you can turn the world around.

A single gift from God is what you need to shine in your generation. Jesus died 2000 years ago but till today, we are yet to recover from his impact. Make an impact so that your name cannot be forgotten. Be inspired to aspire in order not to expire. God’s grace is sufficient for us.

See you at the top!

Tell Me Your Name Then I Will Tell You Who Are

what is your name

 And Jabez was more honorable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez (sorrow) because she gave birth to him in pain. And Jabez called upon God and pray to turn away his pain and God bless him (I Chronicle 4:9-10)

The meaning of your name determines the height of your life. It takes a man who is Jabez to live a life of pain. Your name is pointer and where it turns to, your life goes. John Manson said, “If you are the light of the world, nobody will know unless the switch is on”. One of the ways to switch on your light on your journey to the promise land is to bear good name”.

Rev. Fr. Francis noted, “Your life is a result of your name”. You cannot be greater than your name but your name may be greater than you. T.D. Jakes affirmed, “If your name is greater than you, you are in trouble”. For you to upgrade your life, you must upgrade your name. An old computer version cannot be greater than the new one.

God knows the importance of names and that is why He changed the name of Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Isreal, Saul to Paul and Simon to Peter before he blessed them. To change your direction in life, you need to change your name. To counter your challenges, you must have an encounter with God.

When things are not going well with you, cross-examine your name, may be the changing of your name can change your situation.

Indecency in The Church

Indecency in The Church

Presently, there is a moral decadence in the church of God. The word is turning to churches while the churches are turning to worldliness. Uncle Steve noted, “Your dress can never show how beautiful you are because it cannot change the structure of your face”. God does not take pleasure in the niceness of your outward appearance but he takes pleasure in the sanctification of your inner person. Rev. Fr. Richmond stated, “Sanitation must begin from inside”.  That doesn’t mean you should look tattered and rugged; for cleanliness is next to Godliness. Dr. Mathew A. Izibili said, The watchword of dressing is moderation”.

Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden not just because they eat the forbidden fruit but also because what God told them to be dressing turned around to be dressing them. For God sake, America is not Nigeria. The fact that Christians in America dress half-naked does not mean Christians in Nigeria should imbibe the same culture. Courage ode affirmed, “Our culture as African is closer to bible than the America.” There is no modernization in Christianity. The bible says, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Benson Idahosa remarked, “Dress the way you should be address.” A lot of virtuous good ladies have been mistaken for prostitute because of the tattered rags they put on.

Majority of them think that dressing half-naked will fetch them husband but it is not true. No responsible young man will go for a lady who incidentally dressed. People assume that what you are on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the side. Take note: a half-naked girl can only attract a half-naked boy. The scripture says, “Deep calleth unto deep”.

You can only attract your type. For you not to marry anyhow person, you must not be anyhow in your dressing and character. The saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”. The law of attraction says that you can only attract your type. And if you are a Christian, the best place you can find your type is in the church of God. You can attract or repel your life partner, your blessings and your favor base on your clothing. The bible says, “God is not the author of confusion…” therefore, dress decently while coming to the house of God.

A preacher noted, “Problem gravitates towards their solution. If there is no solution, the problem wouldn’t have come”. When there is a problem, there is a solution. Indecent dressing is a big problem in the twenty first century churches and there are two ways to counter the problems;

(i) Parental Influence

(ii) Influence of Priests and Pastors

PARENTAL INFLUENCE: Parental influence is the greatest influence on their children. Parenting is mentoring. Courage Ode declared: “parenting is all kinds of teachings put together. If you want to be a parent, you must learn everything because children ask all manner of questions.” There is formal and informal way to learn and the things that can make lasting effect on your children are imparted through the informal process.

As a mother, don’t tell your children not to put on mini-skirt while you are putting on jeans. Children learn by example than by words of the mouth. Take the lead by example and your children will follow. To really stop indecency in the church, parent – especially mothers should be careful of what they put on and what they allow their children to wear. Dr. Moses Fagbemi said, “What became a river in the society comes from the spring of home”.

INFLUENCE OF PRIESTS AND PASTORS: A priest stated, “Give me a child between the age of one and ten, then, I will finish with that child”. Human beings are born blank but our environment determines how we behave. Whatever you introduce into children between the ages of 1 and 10 may remain unchangeable for the rest of their lives. If parent fail, the priest or pastor can take over the duty but if priest and pastor fail, that child is a failure forever. That is why you see some people talk and dress like their pastors. May God help us in Jesus name.

Lassa Fever



1. Lassa fever is an acute illness caused by Lassa Virus. It belongs to the family of viruses called Arenavirus. The illness was discovered in 1969 in Lassa town of Borno State. It occurs mainly in West Africa. It is zoonotic diseases acquired from a particular kind of wild rodent called mulimammate rat from the mastomys species.


1. The disease is endemic in Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. There are also evidence of infection in nearby countries such as Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

Mode of Transmission

1. The virus is shed in the urine and dropping of infected multimammate rats. Person-to person spread can occur through contact with bodily fluids such as urine, blood, semen or throat secretion of someone that is affected with the disease. Sexual transmission is possible because the virus is present in the semen three months after the disease begins. Animal to human transmission occur when human come in contact with infected rodents or their bodily fluids.

Symptoms of Lassa Fever

1. The symptoms of Lassa fever include; fever, cough, headache, vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, muscle pain, chest pain. In a severe case, the symptoms include; shock, proteinuria (protein in the urine), hemorrhage (bleeding), conductivities, pleural effusion (fluid in lung cavity) and swelling of the neck and face. Neurological problems such as; seizures, brain dysfunction and tremor also occur. Loosing of hearing occur in about 25% at patients and persists for life in up to a third of those affection.

The Incubation Period

1. The incubation period is the time it takes before the virus develop symptom in the body of human. Normally, the incubation period of Lassa Fever is between 6 – 21 days. Lassa virus infects causes mild or no symptoms (asymptomatic) in about 80% of those affected with the virus.

Clinical Diagnosis

1. Clinical diagnosis of Lassa Fever is often difficult because the symptoms of Lassa Fever are varied and non specific. It is often confused with other diseases which cause fever such as; malaria, typhoid fever, yellow fever and other viral hemorrhagic fever. It can be diagnosed through the following process;

i.)  Enzyme – linked immunosorbent serologic assays (ELISA): This dictates lgM and lgG antibodies as well as Lassa antigen.

ii.) Immunohistochemistry: This is performed on tissue specimen. This method is used to make a post – mortem diagnosis.

iii.) Reverse transcription – polymerase chain reaction (RT – PCR): This method is used for research purpose.

Treatment of Lassa Fever

i.) An antiviral drug called Ribavirin is very effective for the treatment of Lassa fever. It is mostly effective when given within 6 days after the disease symptoms. Presently, there is no vaccine for Lassa fever.

Morbidity and Mortality Rate

i.) The morbidity and mortality rate talks about the number of people that are affected and those that died yearly from the illness. Between 300,000 – 500,000 people are affected with Lassa fever on yearly basis. 15 – 20% of the people hospitalized with the disease die with the illness. Pregnant women suffer more severe infection in their third month of pregnancy (third trimester). It leads to maternal death and fetal loss which occur in a high rate of more than 80%.

Prevention and Control of Lassa Fever

  1. (i) Control of rodent population

(ii) Strict hygiene to prevent secondary cases

(iii) Avoid contact with effected person’s bodily fluid.

(iv) Wearing of protective clothing during treatment.

People That are at risk of Lassa Fever

  1. (i) Health workers without proper barrier nursing

(ii) Those living in area where mastomys rat are common

(iii) Immigrants and tourists to rural areas in West Africa

(iv) Those living in West Africa where Lassa fever is endemic

(v) Area of poor sanitation or crowded living condition with mastomy rodent.

Animal Reservoir

  1. The animal reservoir or host of Lassa fever is rodent. Mastomy infected with Lassa fever virus do not become ill but they can shed the virus in the excreta such as urine and faces. Lassa fever is a zoonotic disease (a disease that can be transferred from animal to human).

At Appointed Time

appointed time

 Hannah was barren for so many years. Each time her husband (Elkanah) visited Shiloh with the other wife (Peninnah), she would follow them. Peninnah has children but Hannah doesn’t. One year, they came to Shiloh. At the end, while others left, Hannah refused to leave. She came closer to the altar, knelt down before God, prayed, weep and made a vow. Within a year, God blessed her with a baby boy named Samuel (1:11-18).

The scripture says, “Is anything too hard for God? At the time appointed I will return unto thee according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son (Genesis 18:14).

If you can pay the price, you will receive the prize. If you don’t pray with your life, you will play with your life. A preacher noted, “With prayer, you can change any situation”. Prayer plus faith, plus believe are the key that open the door of impossibility. Evangelist Peter Nnabigo stated, “If situation is impossible, it means you should turn to God, nothing shall be impossible.”

It doesn’t take only a prayer warrior for a prayer to be answered. The only thing that moves the hand of God were other things fail is genuine vow coupled with faith. A minister declared, “If you want to hide in order to be safe, hide in God.” “Whoever that calls upon the name of the lord shall be saved” says the holy book. Uncle Steve noted, “Miracle is not a proof of God relationship; he can do it to any other.” God answers prayer when we pray in faith. Your situation may double but let your faith be tripled. Rev. Fr. Toni observed, “Whenever the lord comes, that is the right time. When people think that you are out, refuse to pass out. Keep your vision alive, don’t give up. “If you pray and there is no answer, fast. If you fast and there is no answer, sing. If you sing and there is no answer, praise. A young man noted, “Prayer moves mountain but praise move God.” If you praise and there is no answer, worship and if you worship and there is no answer, make a vow. Anger provokes man but genuine vow provoke God. King may inhabit the midst of his subject but God inhabit the praise of his people.

God works with precise time. God’s time is the best. Men may delay your miracle but men cannot deny it, Evangelist Chidi Okoroafor affirmed, “Men may delay it when the fullness of time has not come, but men cannot stop it.” From Genesis to revolution, those that were waiting for the lord for the fruit of the womb gave birth to special baby. Isaac, John the Baptist, Joseph, Samson were all special baby. Do you need a special baby or husband? Wait for the lord; for the making of vessel of honour is not automatic. At the appointed time, obstacle cannot stop the oracle that will bring about your miracle. Rev. Fr. Toni stated, “David Long noted, “God finishes to start; God does not start to finish.” God is ahead of you. Anxiety and anxiousness is a sign that God is not with you, “said Benson Idahosa. Relax.